Call for Papers Submission


  1. Presentations must be 60 minutes long: 40 minutes for presentations, and 20 minutes for questions and discussion.
  2. Presentations promoting audience participation are encouraged.
  3. You must upload an abstract with your submission, emailed submissions will not be accepted.


Each session must have clear objectives and measurable outcomes. Objectives indicate what you expect session attendees to learn or accomplish. Outcomes are observable and measurable effects of your objectives. Below, list 3 objectives for your session, and 2 outcomes for each objective.
Each session must have a Presenter, Moderator, or Lead Speaker, and no more than 3 additional Co-Speakers or Panelists. Add as much information for each person as possible. If your submission is selected, you will be required to submit contact information, a head-shot, and a 1-2 paragraph biography for all moderators, speakers, and/or panelists in your session by May 1, 2018.